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Latest news on electricity sector, including, coal and diesel, energy efficiency, gas to power, regulations, nuclear, transmission, distribution and renewable energy.
  • Vehicle distributor Mahindra South Africa (SA) will add another product to its portfolio in November, when the company will introduce a range of generator sets (gensets) to the local market. Mahindra SA is a subsidiary of the Indian Mahindra & Mahindra conglomerate.

  • The International Energy Agency (IEA) has significantly increased its five-year growth forecast for renewable energy in light of what it describes as a “turning point” in 2015, when a record 153 GW of new renewables capacity was added globally. In its ‘Medium-Term Renewable Market Report’, the agency forecasts renewables growing 13% faster between 2015 and 2021 than was expected in its earlier 2015 forecast. By 2021, global renewable electricity capacity is forecast to grow by 42%, or 825 GW.

  • Austrian Foreign Affairs and Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz used a business forum in Johannesburg this week to highlight regulatory stability and predictability as a “necessary condition” for future investment into South Africa and the rest of the continent. Kurz, 30, is Austria’s youngest-ever Foreign Minister, having been appointed to the post in December 2013, when he was still in his twenties.

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